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We at The Ladz pride ourselves on serving healthy, affordable and full of flavour food

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We love The Ladz. Our mission is,
“NEVER compromise on food quality and flavour”.

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We are committed to producing honest food, skilfully prepared and sourced ethically. The key element is that we use free range chicken and our meat is sourced fresh directly from our local butcher.

At The Ladz, we pride ourselves on serving healthy, affordable and full of flavour food. Our signature peri peri sauces and peri marinades are made daily on site. We have a wide variety ranging from our signature flame grilled peri peri chicken, burgers, wraps, lamb chops and our mouth watering sides which are freshly made daily on the premises.

We provide our customers with a consistent quality of flame grilled chicken at all times, whether dining in the restaurant or having it taken away.

Our chicken and Meat is marinated for 24 hours in our secret marinade made in house, that gives it the unique flavour.

All of our food is sourced in the uk and meet all the standards of food safety, environmental protection and animal welfare.


It is important that you notify your server about any food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities before placing your order. Our team will provide you with advice which will help you in deciding on which dishes will meet your individual needs.

Please note, as most of our dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, they may be substituted on the odd occasion. Therefore, it is advisable to inform your server about your needs each time you dine with us. This will also help us to ensure that extra care is taken to avoid cross contamination when preparing your meal.

Although special care is taken to minimize and prevent cross contamination, our kitchen has shared preparation, storage, and cooking areas, which includes shared deep fryers.
Therefore, we can not guarantee that our menu items can be completely Allergen free.

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